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The Pebble's Wish

Everybody has a wish! Follow the magical adventure of a tiny pebble in the forest, who wishes to become like the “Great Shining Rock in the Sky.” Along the way, he learns to move in very un-pebbly ways, and makes strange new friends who each have wishes of their own. Together this unusual group teams up to go further than any could have dreamed.

Inspired by the movement exercises of famed actor and teacher Michael Chekhov and the author's own experience in the classroom, “The Pebble’s Wish” encourages children to exercise both their bodies and their imaginations! Readers age 8+

A Castle Under the Sun

All alone in a giant castle, there lives a small boy. He spends day after day up on the walls, guarding the castle from, well... nobody. But something is very wrong in the country. And one day a princess rushes to his gate, begging for help because of an evil knight chasing her. Now it's up to this one boy to travel beyond the castle walls, defeat the knight, and save this mixed-up country before it's too late!

This uplifting adventure is perfect for anyone who loves stories like the fairy tales, the legends of King Arthur, or the 1,001 Arabian Nights. Readers age 8+