Monday, February 9, 2015

My first interview. My first promo(s). Far from my last steps.

First the cool part.

Pretty much all the advice I hear from other writers stresses the importance of using book blogs to help get the word out. Promos and paid ads can work too, but social media is vital. When somebody sees a review or interview on a blog that they trust, it goes a lot further than a random ad that appeared in front of them. And yes, it doesn't hurt that it's free.

And so, I'm proud to introduce the first of what will hopefully be many author interviews. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, and I hope you will be too.

Also cool, but not as cool.

While social media is the far preferable way to get the word out (we like free!), I figured it was worth experimenting with paid ads as well. Unfortunately, I have two big things working against me with this. Both caused by the same thing: a lack of reviews on Amazon. One book has one, the other has none.

[This seems like an appropriate time to interject: If you've read either of my books and enjoyed them, PLEASE go to Amazon and write a short review!]

The first reason this works against me is pretty obvious. Even if somebody follows an ad to my books on Amazon, they may be less willing to spend money on a book with few or no reviews. Especially when the very same page includes links to a dozen other books for the same price and dozens of positive reviews. The second is that many of the best paid listing sites won't even consider your book unless it has a minimum of 5-10 Amazon reviews with an average rating of four/five stars.

I wound up trying two sources that were available to me. One a listing on a book site that was technically free thanks to a trial membership, and the other an actual paid ad on a popular email list. The ad was a bit pricey, but at this point it's all experimentation so I went for it.


The free listing resulted in no sales bump at all. However, the paid ad and interview both came out the same day and I did get a clear spike! Not a giant spike, and nowhere near enough to pay for the ad, but clear nonetheless. Luckily, I am in this for the long haul, and am being realistic about my likelihood of making a profit in the short term. In other words, I'm not expecting it. YET.

Next up.

One of the keys is still to get more reviews. *nudge nudge*

Also, I clearly need to find more book blogs, especially children's book blogs that will help me reach my real target audience better. Also, I am working to find children's theater groups in particular, since The Pebble's Wish was inspired by acting exercises. I'm sure there are plenty of teachers out there who would love to have a resource like that.

If anyone out there has suggestions on people, blogs, or organizations to reach out to, please email me or leave them in the comments. Thanks in advance!


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